The Prism Gaming Network

The Prism Gaming Network

Home to the most advanced and feature-packed Minecraft roleplay server.

What is The Prism?

We are NOT your typical factions server. We saw how many servers offer the same gameplay and style, and sought to make a roleplay server completely different than anything else out there.


We offer a fast, fun Minecraft experience with a playstyle that you've never seen before.

Quests, dungeons and adventure await you in the mythical realm of Aramoor. Complete quests to get special rewards and create a base to harvest crops and accumulate wealth.


Prism RPG has a community like no other. The addition of PvP, raiding and griefing make playing on TPG with friends a great experience.


Behind The Scenes

Behind PrismRPG is a team of dedicated team members ensuring that the server runs smoothly. All issues are handled quickly, and all team members are always helpful and active.


PrismRPG is hosted on the best hardware to keep the server up and running. You'll have a lag-free experience, and any planned server downtime will be announced beforehand.

Join Today!

We guarantee that you won't regret joining the awesome Prism community. Continue on to our forums for more information, or connect to
inside your Minecraft client.